Sunday, November 4, 2007

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Advertising Networks

@dVenture Advertisers are offered a range of options and can target by site, by group of interest category or by targeted demographics across all of AdVernture's sites. Aaddzz Performance-based advertising network; features: pay per click-thru, automatic banner targeting, real-time reporting, support for standard banner sizes. Aaddzz takes a 20% commission, floating CPM, minimum $10 CPM.
AdAce Targeted advertising services for small businesses on the Net. Ad-Net

Offers web sites a choice to have centrally served ads or site hosted ads.
An advertising network that represents inventory from Web sites who attract strong, targeted audiences. Commission rates are variable depending upon the number of impressions available and the range of services chosen by the Web site. BannerAdNetwork
Free banner ad exchange network BURST! Media
Focused on providing ads for special-interest and niche-focused Web sites, BURST! helps manage more than 700 million advertising impressions per month for over 3000 publisher members. DoubleClick
Selective advertising network that brings buyers and sellers together with an innovative program that requires only one line of standard HTML. Represents some of the busiest sites on the Web. IntelliClicks
The first banner exchange network to offer the ability to include sound effects with your banner ad. LinkExchange/BCentral
Advertise your site for free in this banner exchange service from Microsoft. ValueClick
Ad network, guarantees to buy 100% of advertising space on host sites, performance-based pricing for advertisers. Webconnect
Ad placement service. Delivers highly targeted advertising coverage in a variety of market areas on the World Wide Web.

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Listing of top Web ad networks from Advertising Networks
Lists and ratings (by user vote) of all the major ad networks available on the Net. Refer-it: Ad Networks
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