Sunday, November 4, 2007

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Advertising Management Services

ActiveAd A campaign management service which simplifies online media buying for advertising agencies. Agencies using ActiveAd Central can outsource trafficking, tracking, and report preparation using ActiveAd Central's database-driven online media buying system. AdForce A full-service, end-to-end advertising management solution for ad networks and large Web Sites. Without requiring the purchase of hardware or software, AdForce offers unique benefits to advertisers, Web publishers and ad sales organizations. Adometer Powerful and easy to use advertising management system. Use this system to manage your own website advertising or set up a network of your own. AdResource Meta-page of advertising and promotion resources. ASET Advertising, contact and sales management software. CyberFirst Offers a "turn-key" advertising sales and ad management service. It includes, not only advertising sales representation, but also the ability to manage scheduling, delivery, tracking, reporting and billing functions. CyberGold Watch and ad, take a quiz to make sure you actually read the ad and about the product and presto, earn CyberGold! Focalink (*) Offers SmartBanner, a centralized ad management service for sites and advertisers, which provides hassle-free web advertising, and MarketMatch, a web media planning tool. LinkExchange Microsoft-owned site focused on promotion and advertising tools and services geared towards the small business owner. Web Ad Management Services New Media Advertising Management Companies - Yahoo (Collection) MatchLogic Exclusively a service company, they do not buy or sell media, they don't represent web sites or sell software, nor do they compete with ad agencies on any level. OrbitCycle Practically free, advertising management system that is remotely hosted. Orbit Cycle reserves 10% of the banner space on your site for their ads leaving 90% of the space for your ads. The Silver Company An internet advertising sales service organization geared toward individual websites with traffic of higher than 150,000 impressions/month. In partnership with NetGravity.

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